Monday, July 29, 2013

Chevron Manicure Tutorial

An updated chevron tutorial! Yay! My technique has not changed, but my posing and photo quality has. :)
  1. After painting base coat and your base color, wait for it to be completely dry and hardened. To speed up the tape manicure process, use a fast drying top coat, such as Sally Hansen Dries Instantly. 
  2. Double up on tape to prevent tearing during removal. Using pinking craft scissors (I've purchased multiple brands from Micheal's and Target for $1), align the zigzags to achieve a consistent pattern. 
  3. Apply the tape on to the dry polish, taking care to properly align the zigzags. 
  4. Paint over the entire nail with one or two quick coats of your second polish color. 
  5. Remove the tape directly after painting. 
  6. After the polish is completely dry, add a top coat to create a smooth finish. 

For this look, I used Essie "Mint Candy Apple' and Deborah Lippmann True Blood "New Flesh".